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Egolife and its agencies not encouraging any activity related with PVC aadhaar card printing. It is only for the individual willing to get printed on PVC. It is solely choice of customer. Egolife is not saving and keeping any data of the customer. We are not leaking any confidential information of customer. we are not involved in dealing of any mischievous activity related with aadhaar data. we and our agencies are not violating any rules of Government of India. we are giving the service If only desired by aadhaar card holder with his consent only. we are not telling any myths about pvc aadhaar card. If any person using our portal and doing any unlawful activity, that will be solely that persons responsibility Egolife will not be liable in any manner or context. Egolife strictly stated to all the agencies to follow all the rules and regulation of government of India while performing aadhaar PVC printing and no wrong activity need to be done by agencies. we are not giving any wrong information to citizen about PVC aadhaar card. It will be only responsibility of a customer who want to obtain aadhaar in plastic card and this work is done only with the customer desired and consent. Egolife is not forcing and bounding any people or not creating any kindly of pressure for making PVC aadhaar card printing.